Fenthion Chemical Review - 8. Regulatory decision

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Work Plan Information

Nomination Reason: Environment, Human health, Occupational health and safety, Residues, Toxicity
Related Chemical Fenthion
Reconsideration Assessment Period N/A
Scope The review of fenthion has been conducted in two parts. Part 1 considers the active constituent fenthion and products that are used in non-food producing situations. Part 2 considers fenthion products used on food-producing plants and animals.
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16 October 2014


Final review findings and regulatory decision for the reconsideration of fenthion

The APVMA has reconsidered the approvals, registrations and product labels associated with the insecticide fenthion. The scope of this review was to assess the toxicological, occupational health and safety, residues and dietary exposure and environmental risks associated with the approvals and registrations for fenthion.

Assessment of available data concluded that the use of products containing fenthion may, in most situations, pose undue risks to human health (via dietary and occupational exposure) and the environment. The APVMA has taken the following regulatory actions to manage these risks:

  • cancellation of the cattle lice control product
  • cancellation of all pest control and home garden products except fenthion 1% dust
  • variation of the label of the fenthion 1% dust product to update the safety directions and to delete use in ceilings, wall spaces and crawl spaces
  • variation of the label of the horticultural product to update the safety directions and warnings and to delete all horticultural uses except post-harvest dipping of tropical and subtropical inedible peel fruits.

These decisions have taken into consideration:

  • the technical assessments of the toxicology, occupational health and safety, residues and dietary (both horticultural uses and veterinary uses) and environmental risks arising from the use of fenthion. Available from the resources section of the Assessments page of the fenthion review
  • the fifteen submissions to the APVMA received in response to the Preliminary Review Findings of 22 May 2014. Available from the Consultation page
  • the final report of the Federal Government Senate Standing Committees on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport conducted an inquiry into the implications of the restriction on the use of Fenthion on Australia’s horticultural industry (the Senate Inquiry).The final report and all associated documents, submissions and transcripts of hearings are available from the Inquiry webpage.




Final review findings and regulatory decision for the reconsideration of fenthion
16 October 2014
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