Bifenthrin Chemical Review - 9. Implementation

Review Process Workflow

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Work Plan Information

Nomination Reason: Human health
Chemical Bifenthrin
Reconsideration Assessment Period N/A
Scope Risks from home garden products
Timeframe 1 March 2008
Work plan release date
Work plan revision date

Review process phases

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Phase status: 
Phase completion date: 
1 January 2008


Registrants voluntarily varied their product registration details, removing these pack sizes from their product ranges.

Given the above concerns, the APVMA will not allow the future registration of products at this concentration or pack size.

Affected products (containing 80g/L or 100g/L bifenthrin in 500 mL pack sizes):

  • Talstar 80 SC Insecticide/Miticide (45703)
  • Scotts Procide 80SC Insecticide/Miticide (55020)
  • Mabons M.A.S.T.—-Killa Termiticide and Insecticide (56991)
  • Rentokil Termite and Spider Treatment (58210)
  • Cropro Zeus Termiticide and Insecticide (58368)
  • Superway Bifenthrin Termite and Pest Controller (58803)
  • Chemag Bifen 80SC Insecticide/Miticide (59592)


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