Dichlorvos Chemical Review - 9. Implementation

Review Process Workflow

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Work Plan Information

Nomination Reason: Environment, Human health, Occupational health and safety, Residues, Toxicity
Chemical Dichlorvos
Reconsideration Assessment Period N/A
Scope Scope document unavailable electronically
Timeframe 1 January 1996
Work plan release date
Work plan revision date

Review process phases

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Phase status: 
In progress


In August 2012, the APVMA was made aware that dichlorvos products continue to be supplied into the marketplace accompanied by instructions for use that do not comply with the findings of the dichlorvos review.

We worked with product registrants and user groups interested in retaining the use of dichlorvos for grain protection by bulk handling companies. Discussions have focused on conducting new worker exposure studies while putting additional safety measures in place to mitigate the occupational health and safety risk.

As of March 2013, we suspended the use of six dichlorvos products based on their potential risk to worker occupational health and safety, and published a summary report outlining the work that led to this suspension action. The suspension has since encompassed one more product, but released one product that complies with the regulatory decision.

In February 2014, the suspension period was extended for an additional 12 months, as the concerns that formed the basis of the original suspension of label approvals and product registrations have not altered for these products.



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