Relocation—frequently asked questions

Q. When will the APVMA move to Armidale? 

We are working to a mid-2019 timeframe to move our operations to Armidale. In the meantime, we are working to establish a small office in Armidale as soon as practicable.

Q. How many APVMA staff currently work in Armidale?

There are currently no staff located in Armidale on a permanent basis. Executive staff have visited Armidale in recent months to meet with members of the community, the Regional Council and the University of New England (UNE).

Q. Why are there reports of staff working from McDonalds? 

Reports about APVMA staff working from cafes should not be applied as comments relating to our general practice. These comments were part of a Senate Estimates hearing and relate to recent visits made to Armidale by the CEO. On occasion, our people may work remotely, via a secure network, while travelling for meetings. It is not unusual for mobile workspaces to be found in cafes and fast food restaurants that enable staff to continue to work when out of the office.

Q. Why hasn’t the APVMA established an office in Armidale yet?

Plans are underway as part of the Relocation Strategy to establish an office in Armidale for a small number of administrative staff, yet to be recruited, and as a base for staff from Canberra to work until a permanent office can be established.

Q. Why can’t the APVMA find a permanent office in Armidale now?

We are in the early stages of our planning for the relocation. An assessment of property available in Armidale was undertaken late last year and found that there are no buildings that can accommodate an office of our size and nature. A process is now underway to facilitate the procurement of new fit-for-purpose, accommodation.

Q. How is APVMA working with Industry? 

We have established an APVMA Relocation Advisory Committee (ARAC). Representatives from peak bodies are members. Through this Committee our stakeholders will be able to give the CEO advice on the relocation, business model and digital strategy. We are committed to continued collaboration with Industry.

Q. Has the APVMA engaged specialists to assist with the Relocation planning? 

Yes, as with any large-scale change it’s important to seek advice and assistance from subject matter experts. A number of specialists have been engaged to support planning and business transformation that will help us to manage the relocation appropriately.

For individuals or organisations wanting to do business with the APVMA

Q. I have a business that could offer its service to the APVMA and its staff to help with the relocation to Armidale, who can I contact to let them know what we can offer?

The APVMA cannot take names from individual businesses seeking to provide goods or services to the agency or our people—including land and real estate sales, construction or fit-out services.

Q. When will construction of the APVMA office in Armidale begin and how will I know if work is available in this project?

Currently, there are no business opportunities publicly available for tender. When there are business opportunities, they will be made publicly available on the AusTender website and/or through media and industry advertising as required.

Q. How will I know what work is available and when?

You can register your areas of business interest with AusTender and receive automatic email notifications on proposed and current opportunities. Go to ‘Buying for the Australian Government’ guidelines on the Department of Finance website to find out more about doing business with Government.

For people wanting to do business with APVMA staff

Q. I have heard there will be a number of staff relocating from Canberra to Armidale, how do I let them know what offers we have to welcome them to town?

  • People wanting to sell goods or services, such as real estate, to individual APVMA staff members need to use regular public channels and forums to advertise or promote goods or services.
  • The APVMA cannot act as an agent or broker for services such as real estate.
  • It is the responsibility of individual APVMA staff members to procure goods or services at their discretion.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the APVMA.

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