Standard for diazinon active constituent

Effective Date:
01 August 2004
1. Description:
the material shall consist of diazinon together with related manufacturing impurities and shall be in the form of yellow to brown liquid, free from visible extraneous matter and added modifying agents, other than the stabilizer.
2. Common Name:
3. Chemical Name (IUPAC):
O,O-diethyl O-2-isopropyl-6-methylpyrimidin-4-yl phosphorothioate
4. CAS Number:
5. Identity test:
identity of the active constituent must be established by one or more of the following methods: spectroscopic tests (IR spectrum, NMR, mass spectra), Chromatography (HPLC or GC retention time with reference compound) or any other suitable test method
6. Composition:

6.1 Active Constituent: 950 g/kg minimum (excluding any added stabilizer)

6.2 Toxicological Significant Impurities:

0,0,0',0'-tetraethyl thiopyrophosphate (0,S-TEPP): maximum: 0.2 g/kg

0,0,0',0'-tetraethyl dithiopyrophosphate (S,S-TEPP): maximum: 2.5 g/kg

Water: 0.6 g/kg maximum

Acidity: Not higher than 0.3 g/kg calculated as H2SO4 (CIPAC method MT 31).

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