Agvet regulator proposes to finalise diuron review

21 September 2012
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The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has today published the 2012 Diuron Review Finding and Environmental Risk Assessment Report as a step toward finalising its review of the herbicide diuron.

This new report, which focuses on the risk to aquatic organisms from runoff, has concluded that some uses of diuron continue to present risks, specifically adverse effects in aquatic environments.

The report proposes the removal of a number of uses such as apples, pears, citrus, grass seed crops and pastures uses as well as uses in non-agricultural situations such as roadsides, rights of way and industrial areas. Changes to use of diuron in sugarcane, bananas and other cropping situations are also proposed.

The APVMA has asked diuron registrants to 'show cause' why the authority should not proceed with removing these uses from product labels. After considering any comments registrants may provide, the APVMA will determine its regulatory action as a matter of priority.

The new report has taken into consideration over 100 submissions provided following publication of the July 2011 environmental assessment report and subsequent suspension. Environmental monitoring data and scientific studies not previously seen have now been evaluated.

In March 2012 the APVMA found no adverse human health impacts from the continued use of diuron and concluded other aspects of the review. These were uses for antifouling paints, pond and aquarium products, and cotton defoliation products. The diuron active constituent was also affirmed.

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