Voluntary recalls of trifluralin underway in WA, Vic and NSW

27 August 2012
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Following investigations commencing in March 2012, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has agreed to a voluntary recall of a number of problematic batches of the herbicide trifluralin and is continuing to investigate others.

The trifluralin, imported from China and distributed in Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, was discoloured and odorous and the subject of reports that exposure to the product made people nauseous.

Four registrants currently have recalls involving five products underway. All recalls are the result of products being formulated with an unknown solvent.

Company Product APVMA approval Batch no(s)
Grow Choice Pty Ltd Choice Trifluralin 480 Herbicide 59371 20111120
5Heads Pty Ltd trading as Perth Progressive Supplies & Trio Manufacturing Pro Trifluralin 480 Herbicide 65690 All batches
Trio Trifluralin 480 Herbicide 64509 All batches
Keyport Nominees Pty Ltd Key Trif 480 Herbicide 65886 All batches
The Farm Exchange Pty Ltd The Farm Exchange Trifluralin 480 Herbicide 66974 SNHS110930

“The recalls are being conducted by the product registrants, who are advising their suppliers and requesting them to contact purchasers of the defective batches”, said APVMA’s Compliance Manager, Dr Jan Klaver.

“Consumers who still hold product from the relevant batches should contact the registrant (contact details are on the label) or their supplier to find out how to participate in the recall.”

While these voluntary recalls are underway, the APVMA investigation has widened and now involves seven registrants and eight products in total.

“This APVMA continues to be pleased with the cooperation of the product registrants in resolving this issue as quickly as possible”, said Dr Klaver.

“We remind farmers to report any adverse experiences they have using farm chemicals. For further information about lodging an adverse experience report, call 1800 700 583, or download the reporting form from the APVMA website at www.apvma.gov.au.

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