Annual report shows a responsive regulator in changing times

26 October 2011
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The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) 2010-11 Annual Report tabled in Parliament today reflects an organisation promoting consistent, predictable and transparent decision-making whilst undergoing a period of legislative and environmental change.

The annual report shows that total regulatory evaluations for pesticides and veterinary medicines increased by 23 per cent, despite a 22 per cent increase in the number of applications received.

APVMA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Eva Bennet-Jenkins said the Authority had also assessed and issued three times the number of emergency permit approvals compared to last year.

"The APVMA has worked hard with our state and territory partners to respond to emergencies and outbreaks such as locust plagues, mouse plagues, floods and cyclones" Dr Bennet-Jenkins said.

"2010-11 was a challenging year. However, our focus on improving the assessment process has paid off with the Authority delivering rigorous independent assessment and management of risks whilst providing timely access to chemicals to support Australian agriculture.

The Authority has also adopted a new approach to reviewing existing chemicals. "Over the past year, we have been publishing our findings ahead of regulatory action, allowing stakeholders to know in advance and prepare for the changes" said Dr Bennet-Jenkins.

"We have delivered on our core activities while implementing new labelling legislation and preparing for changes arising out of the government's Better Regulation reforms.

"Our key priority for 2011-12 is to maintain our core activities while preparing for further change, to increase transparency, enhance information access and to respond to all our stakeholders' expectations.

The APVMA 2010-11 Annual Report is available online at:

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