Chemical regulator takes action against naphthalene flakes to protect human health

7 June 2011
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The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has taken action to stop supply of naphthalene loose flake products in retail outlets. These products are generally used in the home to protect clothing, blankets and other stored items from moths and silverfish.

This follows recent advice from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing that the packaging and warning statements on these products may not be adequate to protect sensitive people and young children exposed to treated fabrics from inhalation and ingestion risks.

As a result of this action, these four products:

  • Mosom Pure White Naphthalene Flakes
  • Hovex Naphthalene Flakes
  • Recochem Naphthalene Moth and Silver Fish Flakes Household Insecticide Fumigant (no product label available online)
  • Recochem Naphthalene Flakes

will not be available for sale until further notice.

People can dispose of unwanted products by contacting their local council to determine the correct method of disposal. Unwanted products should not be disposed of in household waste. Treated clothing can be washed in accordance with clothing manufacturers' instructions or aired in an open place until the naphthalene odour is no longer present.

Naphthalene block and ball products are not impacted by this decision.

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