From 1 June 2014, all tylosin products will be prescription-only

8 May 2014

Previously, products containing low concentrations of tylosin were classified in Schedule S5 and could be sold in retail outlets without a veterinary prescription. These have been rescheduled to S4 (Prescription Animal Remedy) and tylosin products will only be available under veterinary prescription.

Tylosin is a macrolide antimicrobial agent approved by the APVMA for use in poultry, pigs and cattle.

The Scheduling Delegate's decision and rationale are available from the website of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Tylosin will still be available as an injection, water-soluble antimicrobial preparation and as premix, when prescribed by a veterinary practitioner.

Veterinarians are expected to comply with the Australian Veterinary Association's Code of Practice for Prescription and Use of Products which contain Antimicrobial Agents when prescribing antimicrobial agents.

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