Supplier of dangerous pet products convicted

4 December 2014
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A Perth-based company Holistic Animal Medicines Pty Ltd has been convicted of a total of five offences under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code (Western Australia) Act 1995 and fined $17,000.

The Perth Magistrates Court heard evidence from the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions about a wide range of veterinary products marketed and sold by the company which were potentially dangerous to pets and their owners.

The offences related to possession of unregistered veterinary chemical products with intent to supply; supply of the products; and advertisement.

APVMA Chief Executive Officer, Kareena Arthy said the case was important because it signals the APVMA’s determination to pursue noncompliance.

‘We have recently gained access to a range of new compliance and enforcement tools and remedies and we continue to focus on manufacturers and suppliers of illegal and substandard chemicals,” she said.

The APVMA made numerous attempts to engage with the Directors of the company between 2004 and 2012 about their representation of a wide range of unregistered veterinary chemical products. The APVMA repeatedly asked the company to remove claims made about the products or to seek registration—these actions were not taken.

The company represented their products as effective for many uses, including the curing of cancer and prevention of infectious disease, such as influenza, in pet animals.

“People relying on the claims made about these products could inadvertently cause suffering and harm to their pets, or delay seeking appropriate treatment with registered veterinary medicines or by a veterinarian,” Ms Arthy said.

All agricultural and veterinary chemical products registered in Australia will have the words ‘APVMA’ or ‘NRA’ followed by a registration number printed on the label. People can check to see if the registration number is an approved chemical by searching for it on the APVMA chemicals database.

You can report suspected illegal chemical supply to the APVMA by phone on 1300 700 315 or by emailing


Further information: Virginia Stanhope | Director, Public Affairs | 0467 726 486 | /ENDS

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