Use of 2012–13 US EPA crop re-entry interval calculator

4 March 2015

The Department of Health’s Office of Chemical Safety (OCS), which conducts human health risk assessments for the APVMA, has been estimating crop re-entry intervals (REIs) using the year 2000 version of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) REI calculator.

In 2012 the US EPA published a significantly revised and expanded version of the REI calculator, based on data collected by the US Agricultural Re-entry Task Force (ARTF).

The APVMA has reviewed the updated calculator (with amendments dated March 2013) and validated the crop Transfer Coefficients (TCs) and their implementation in the calculator to the extent necessary to justify its use in Australia for assessment of worker exposure following re-entry to treated crops.

Accordingly, the OCS and the APVMA will use the revised calculator to assess applications from chemical registrants who submit re-entry information. This technical policy change will take effect from 1 May 2015.

Applicants can consult Section 2.4.3 of APVMA’s Data Guidelines for further information about estimating the exposure of workers re-entering pesticide-treated crops.

Note that the output of the calculator will be modified to convert pesticide application rates from lb/acre into metric units (1lb/acre is equivalent to 1.121 kg/ha).

This approach is consistent with the Australian Government’s policy of adoption of international assessments, standards and assessment methodology, where appropriate.

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