Permit issued to correct spray drift management instructions on current product labels

5 March 2015

An audit of product labels containing information to manage spray drift has identified several products with incorrect labelling instructions.

The registrants of these products have been contacted and will update labels at their next available opportunity. A permit has been issued to correct these instructions in the interim.

Generally, the incorrect instructions relate to:

  • The requirement of a minimum droplet size for orchard/vineyard airblast equipment. Due to the nature of this equipment, droplet size is not relevant for spray drift risk assessments (noting that it may still be an efficacy requirement for certain products).
  • A requirement to measure wind speed at a location 15 metres upwind of the orchard or vineyard being treated. While this is a logical location to measure wind speed, users cannot be required to trespass onto another person’s property or to enter an area which may be unsafe, such as a road, railway or water body.
  • Incomplete or incorrect references to droplet size classification systems. As the APVMA recognises both the ASAE S572 Standard and British Crop Production Council Guideline , both need to be included as nozzles may only be classified under one system by their manufacturer.

Minor amendments to the APVMA Agricultural Labelling Code have recently been included to provide more definitive guidance in relation to droplet size requirements, to prevent similar incorrect instructions appearing on future labels.

The 2008 policy for assessing products for spray drift risk is currently being reviewed. Public consultation is expected to commence on the changes proposed by this review in April 2015.

Please contact the Spray Drift Project Manager on +61 2 6210 4744 or at if you wish to discuss the permit or the review of the policy.

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