Methoxyfenozide in the product Prodigy Insecticide

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority has before it, an application from Dow AgroSciences Australia Ltd, to extend the registration of the registered product Prodigy 240SC Insecticide to include control of various insect pests of apples, pears, citrus, grapevines, avocado, custard apple, kiwifruit, longan, lychee, macadamia nuts, coffee, blueberries, eggplant, capsicum, okra and chilli peppers. At the same time the name of the product will change to Prodigy Insecticide. The application requires the establishment of MRLs for all the above crops.

The company has provided residue trial data for some of these commodities, generated in Australian and overseas residue trials. In addition it was proposed that a number of uses from the Mimic 700 WP Insecticide, containing the active tebufenozide, be imaged without the provision of additional residues data, based on the close structural similarity of the two molecules. 

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