Spinetoram in the Product Success Neo Insect Control

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has before it an application from Dow Agrosciences Australia Limited to register the new product, Success Neo Insect Control, containing 120 g/L spinetoram, for use on fruit, herbs, ornamentals, plantations and vegetables. The proposed use requires the establishment of permanent MRLs for spinetoram on tropical and sub-tropical fruit (inedible peel); berries and other small fruits; Brassica (cole or cabbage vegetables), head cabbages, flowerhead brassicas; citrus fruit; coffee beans; dried grapes; fruiting vegetables, cucurbits; fruiting vegetables other than cucurbits (except sweet corn); various culinary herbs; leafy vegetables, legume vegetables, root and tuber vegetables and stalk and stem vegetables. Increases are also proposed to the current mammalian meat in the fat and milk fats MRLs. The proposed use also requires the establishment of permanent MRLs for spinetoram in dry citrus pulp, dry grape pomace, dry tomato pomace and legume animal feeds.  

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