Clothianidin in the products Sumitomo Shield Systemic Insecticide, Sumitomo Samurai Systemic Insecticide and Sumitomo Stealth Systemic Insecticide

This publication provides a summary of the data reviewed and an outline of the regulatory considerations for the proposed registration of SUMITOMO SHIELD SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE, SUMITOMO SAMURAI SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE and SUMITOMO STEALTH SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE which contain the new active constituent clothianidin. The product SUMITOMO SHIELD SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE is for the control of aphids and mirids in cotton and for the control of rust thrips and weevil borer in bananas. SUMITOMO SAMURAI SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE is for the control of woolly aphid in apples; mealybugs and codling moth in apples and pears and green peach aphid and oriental fruit moth in peaches and nectarines. SUMITOMO STEALTH SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE is for control of African black beetle larvae in turf. The purpose of this summary is to inform the public of the proposed registrations and invite comment on this proposal. 

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