Online services unavailable

There will be no access to any APVMA online services from Friday 12 June at 5pm until Monday 15 June at 7am, as we will be moving our IT infrastructure.

What does this mean for me as an APVMA client?

You will not be able to email anyone at the APVMA or access any APVMA online services, including:

  • online applications
  • online payments
  • online reporting
  • permit search
  • careers portal.

We recommend you do not attempt to email APVMA addresses during this time, as your email may not be received.

Prior to 7am on Monday June 15, when the move is finished and APVMA servers are switched back on, access to online services will be reinstated and return to normal.

I have an application in progress, will I lose it?

No. Our servers are regularly backed up and we will be running another backup before the shutdown. We recommend you save and exit any online applications you have in progress before 3pm on Friday 12 June to ensure you don’t lose anything.

Is there anything not affected?

Yes. The regular APVMA public website (, APVMA mobile phones as well as office landlines will all function as per usual during the IT shutdown.

For more information

All updates with regard to the IT shutdown will be posted to the news page on the regular APVMA website. For more information, please contact

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