Regulatory update #204

5 March 2015

Improving the preliminary assessment process

Just over the half-way mark for the first year of operation of the new legislation, the APVMA is making a number of changes to streamline the preliminary assessment process.

We have already changed the internal checking processes for faster assessment of applications and we are allowing more applications to go through to the evaluation stage where more detailed scrutiny will be applied.

A team from across the APVMA is scrutinising our processes, systems, and regulatory guidance, to identify further areas where improvements can be made.

A plan to improve the preliminary assessment process will be placed on our website in March 2015 so you can see what to expect. We welcome your feedback about the preliminary assessment process.

Pre-application assistance

Following a review of the pre-application assistance program, the APVMA recognises that the current program is not meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. We expect to release the review report in mid-March, along with plans for how we can better work with industry to design and implement a system that provides quality advice for enquiries, pre-application assistance and technical advice.

In the meantime, the APVMA has made some immediate changes to improve the quality and responsiveness of our advice.

We welcome your feedback about pre-application assistance.

Stockfeed and pet food regulations

Changes to the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation Amendment (Animal Feed Reform and Other Measures) Regulation 2015 come into effect on 5 March 2015, excluding stockfeed and pet food products from registration as agvet chemcials. Affected registrants are being notified of the changes.

New service charter and feedback channel

We have released a new service charter which outlines the standard of service you can expect from the APVMA, as well as what we expect from people engaging and transacting with us. Forming part of a wider review into our operations, the charter demonstrates our commitment to further improving the service we provide to our stakeholders, contributing to a responsive and transparent approach to all interactions.

To aid in evaluating our performance against the new service charter, an online feedback form for the lodgement of complaints, comments, compliments and suggestions has been launched. Performance metrics will be captured and assessed, including for areas of potential development or improvement.

Permit issued to correct spray drift management instructions on current product labels

An audit of spray-drift label instructions has identified several labels that contain errors. Registrants of these products have been notified to update labels.

As an interim measure, a permit has been issued to correct these instructions, pending label updates.

Use of the 2012–13 US EPA crop re-entry interval calculator

Following APVMA review and validation, from 1 May 2015 crop re-entry intervals (REIs) will be calculated using the US Environmental Protection Agency’s 2012/13 REI calculator.

This replaces use of the year 2000 version of the calculator, which has been in use by the Department of Health’s Office of Chemical Safety in conducting human health risk assessments for the APVMA.

This approach is consistent with the Australian Government’s policy of adoption of international assessments, standards and assessment methodology, where appropriate.

Help and assistance

Telephone: +61 2 6210 4701

Reminder—open for public consultation


Advice Summaries published since last issue are listed below. For a complete list and further information, please refer to the Advice Summaries content on our website.

  • Evergol Prime Seed Treatment And In-Furrow Fungicide
  • Pyresta Xtreme LV Herbicide
  • Nufarm Tally 800WG Aphicide
  • Rotam Toledo 430SC Fungicide
  • Bioquell HQV-AQ Disinfectant
  • Sharpen WG Herbicide
  • Sabrecut 800 WG Herbicide
  • Bobcat I-Maxx Herbicide
  • Micronised Copper Azole Wood Preservative
  • Moddus Evo Yield & Quality Enhancer
  • Farmalinx Trifluralinx 580 Herbicide
  • Yates Nature's Way Citrus and Ornamental Spray
  • Conquest Gunner 750 WG Herbicide

Application summaries are updated weekly. For a complete list, please refer to the application summaries content on our website.

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