Regulatory update #212

22 July 2015

Register now—Melbourne Industry Information and Education Session

The APVMA is holding series of Industry Information and Education Sessions throughout 2015 and 2016 and registration for Melbourne on Monday 17 August 2015 are now open.

More information on the draft program is available from the event page on our website.

Register now to secure your place.

Available now: Regulatory considerations for nanotechnology—final report

The APVMA report Nanotechnologies for pesticides and veterinary medicines: regulatory considerations—final report has been released.

The report looks at the benefits and challenges of regulating nanotechnology for use in agriculture and animal husbandry and highlights the key regulatory considerations for agvet chemical nanomaterials, based on the current state of knowledge.

Proposal to refine pesticide run-off assessments for dryland cropping regions

The APVMA has developed a method to refine estimates of pesticide run-off to waterways. The approach uses real-world data sets for stream flow in dryland cropping regions of Australia.

Summary information about the framework and method, a document detailing the background to and application of the method, and copies of the underlying database (stream flow data from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia) are available from our website.

We invite comment on the technical aspects of the proposed method and data libraries up until 21 September 2015.

Website enhancements

As a part of our ongoing commitment to improving our services, we have added a feedback tool to every page of our website. With one click, the tool provides the opportunity to tell us if the information provided on that page was helpful and provides the option of including an anonymous comment. This feature can be viewed now, below the main content area of our web pages.

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