Regulatory update #200

10 October 2014

Fenthion review release date

The APVMA will release the final review findings and regulatory decision for the reconsideration of fenthion on Thursday 16 October 2014.

Survey: implementation of the new pre-application assistance process

After three months of its operation we are doing an implementation review to see where we can make improvements to the pre-application assistance process.

As part of this process, we are undertaking a survey which should only take a few minutes and will help us build a better process for pre-application assistance.

Acting Executive Director, Registration Management and Evaluation

Mr Alan Norden is acting Executive Director, Registration Management and Evaluation, from 1 October 2014 until the position is filled permanently following the retirement of Dr Allen Bryce.

Information for farmers

To make it easier, information for farmers is now grouped together in one place on the APVMA website and accessed with a link from the home page. If you have a suggestion about other material to include please email us and feel free to pass on this information to others who may be interested.

Register now: 2014 Nanotechnology Regulation Symposium—seats are filling fast!

The Nanotechnology Regulation Symposium in Canberra on 28 October 2014 will host a range of leading national guest speakers and experts on nanotechnology and its application to agricultural and veterinary medicines.
A draft nanotechnology report forms the basis of discussion and will be provided to registrants prior to the event.

Help and assistance

Telephone: +61 2 6210 4701

Reminder—open for public consultation


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  • Pintobi Attack Herbicide With IQ Inside

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