Regulatory update #180

20 November 2013

Antibiotic Awareness Week 18–24 November 2013

Antibiotic resistance (external site) has been labelled one of the greatest threats to human health today. The prevalence of multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens is rising, with antibiotic resistance found commonly in Australian hospitals and increasingly in the community.

Antibiotic Awareness Week in Australia is part of a global initiative to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance and promote the responsible use of antibiotics.

This years campaign focuses on 'No action today, no cure tomorrow' and promotes seven actions to improve antibiotic prescribing and use.

More information on Antibiotic Awareness Week, including how to get involved, can be found on the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (external site) website.

Overview of new regulatory guidelines now available

We have recently published an overview of the new regulatory guidelines on our website. The overview provides a summary of what the new guidelines will include when they are published on our website for consultation in January 2014.

Register now! Free information session dates confirmed

The APVMA will be holding free information sessions in February and March 2014 to provide an overview of the coming changes to the agricultural and veterinary chemicals legislation and the APVMA's business processes.

Dates for sessions in each capital city have now been confirmed and registrations have opened. More information including the online registration form is available here.

Suspicious or hazardous mail

The APVMA will never require physical product samples or packaging to be sent in the mail or delivered by other means. Physical product samples are not assessed as part of the product registration or active approval process.

If items are assessed as suspicious or hazardous they may be reported to the relevant authorities for further examination. Senders could be liable for costs associated with reporting these items, including any fines that may apply.

Restricted fenthion permit issued

An interim permit was issued on 29 October 2013 to allow very restricted use of the suspended insecticide fenthion on peaches and apricots in the 2013–14 growing season.

The issue of the permit is the outcome of a request from industry for the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to consider whether a single spray of fenthion would be acceptable. Industry advised that a single spray would still be useful for growers this season, when combined wiht other control options closer to harvest. The request follows the suspension of fenthion for use on these crops on 16 October 2013.

The permit applies for the period 29 October 2013 to 30 April 2014.

APVMA annual report 2012–13

The 2012–13 annual report has been published:

Reminder—open for public consultation

The APVMA is currently seeking comment on:


Advice Summaries published since last issue are listed below. For a complete list and further information, please refer to the Advice Summaries content on our website.

  • Imtrade Para-Trooper Herbicide
  • Ethic 480 Turfgrass Growth Regulator
  • Ethic 720 Plant Growth Regulator
  • Success Neo Insecticide
  • Nufarm Striker Herbicide
  • Phantom Pressurised Insecticide
  • Vantal Upgrade Miticide/Insecticide
  • Attrathor Targeted Insecticide
  • Nufarm Archer 750 Herbicide
  • Rodenthor Rat Out Rodent Repellent
  • Turf Culture Coliseum Herbicide
  • Fast Action Roundup Ready to Use Weedkiller
  • Brumby 480 SC Fungicide
  • Activyl Spot-On for Extra Large Dogs Over 40kg up to 60 kg
  • Tops Plant Growth Regulator
  • Kenso Agcare Gundy 240 Herbicide
  • Turf Culture Embargo Herbicide
  • Nufarm Weedmaster Argo Dual Salt Technology Herbicide
  • Advion Fire Ant Bait
  • Hammer 400EC Herbicide
  • Sumiblast All Purpose Residual Insecticide
  • Imtrade Ordnance 250 SL Herbicide
  • Avon Skin-So-Soft SSS Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Insect Repellent Aerosol with Vitamin E
  • Elevate Herbicide
  • Grazon Extra Herbicide.

Application Summaries are updated weekly. For a complete list, please refer to the Application Summaries content on our website.

To protect your privacy, please do not include contact information in your feedback. If you would like a response, please contact us.