Regulatory update #175

11 July 2013

New legislation passed

New legislation governing the activities of the APVMA was passed by the Parliament of Australia on 28 June 2013. Commencing 1 July 2014, the new legislation will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the current regulatory arrangements. The new laws provide the community with greater certainty that agvet chemicals authorised for use in Australia can be used safely.

As we get closer to the 1 July 2014 start date we will provide face-to-face education sessions around the country and include more online support to help business and the community to transition to the requirements under the new law. 

New operational plan published

The APVMA Operational Plan 2013–14 sets out the actions needed to achieve the objectives in the APVMA Corporate Plan 2012–15. This is the second plan released under the three-year corporate plan and it aims to give practical effect to the government's reform agenda for agvet chemicals.

Online services portal launched

Providing easy and convenient access to information, our portal is your entry point to our online services. Current services include:

  • PUBCRIS—database of registered agricultural and veterinary chemicals registered for use in Australia
  • Permits search—locate APVMA-issued minor use and emergency use permtis
  • AERP—lodge an adverse experience report.

Future releases are being developed and will allow you to transact with us in a secure online environment.

Report on adverse experiences for 2010 published

The APVMA has released the 2010 report of its Adverse Experience Reporting Program (AERP), containing information on submissions processed and classified involving adverse experiences with registered veterinary medicines and agricultural chemicals.

Environmental assessment report: 2,4-D High Volatile Esters

The environmental assessment report for 2,4-D High Volative Esters was published 5 July 2013.

New cost recovery arrangements now in effect

New fees and levies charges on the evaluation of registration proposals adn wholesale sales of chemical products were implemented on 1 July 2013.

See questions and answers on the new cost recovery arrangements and a summary of fee changes 2013–14 and 2014–15.

Only those fees and charges revised independently of changes to the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 will commence on 1 July 2013. Fees and charges associated with changes proposed in the Bill have been deferred to coincide with the revised commencement date, as outlined in the original cost recovery impact statement and the Amendment to the Cost Recovery Impact Statement.

Reminder—open for public consultation

The APVMA is currently seeking comment on:


Advice Summaries published since last issue are listed below. For a complete list and further information, please refer to the Advice Summaries content on our website.

  • 4Farmers Triticonazole 200 C Seed Treatment
  • Bistrifluron
  • Xterm Defence Against Termites Termite Bait
  • Richgro Hose on Lawn Beetle and Grub Killa
  • Temprid 75 Residual Insecticide
  • Palladia 50mg
  • Palladia 15mg
  • Palladia 10mg
  • Piranha Dip for Sheep
  • Piranha Dip for Sheep
  • Conquest Sulfotron WG Herbicide
  • Nufarm Filan Fungicide
  • Nufarm Metham Soil Fumigant
  • Unicorn 745 WG Fungicide
  • Accensi Glyphosate 600 Herbicide
  • Vectothor Fly Bait
  • Sinochem Saxon 110 EC Selective Herbicide
  • Topbait Gel Cockroach Bait
  • Imtrade Metakill Snail & Slug Bait
  • Bug Another Organic Personal Insect Spray

Application Summaries are updated weekly. For a complete list, please refer to the Application Summaries content on our website.

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