Regulatory update #174

21 June 2013

Trade Advice Notice on tulathromycin in the product Draxxin Injectable Solution

The APVMA is considering an application to vary the use of the existing registered product Draxxin Injectable Solution containing the approved active constituent tulathromycin (APVMA Product number 60018).

We invite written comment from 18 June 2013 to 16 July 2013 on the trade implications of this registration proposal.

APVMA to implement new cost recovery arrangements

Amendments to the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 in the House of Representatives have revised the proposed 1 July 2013 commencement date of the 2012 Cost Recovery Impact Statement.

Only those fees and charges revised independently of changes to the legislation will commence on 1 July 2013. Fees and charges associated with changes proposed in the Bill have been deferred to coincide with the revised eventual commencement date, as outlined in the original cost recovery impact statement and the Amendment to the Cost Recovery Impact Statement.

Record of approved active constituents for June 2013

The record for approved active constituents for chemical products has been updated as at 3 June 2013.

Reminder—open for public consultation

The APVMA is currently seeking comment on:


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