Regulatory update #179

10 October 2013

Getting ready for the new legislation—training and support

New legislation governing the activities of the APVMA was passed by the Parliament of Australia on 28 June 2013. The new legislation commences on 1 July 2014, and will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the current regulatory arrangements.

The new legislation will mean many changes for the APVMA and everyone who does business with us, and we are committed to supporting people through this change by: 

  • holding information sessions across all capital cities in Australia during February and March 2014 to provide an overview of the legislative changes—register your interest
  • publishing the new regulatory content on the APVMA website in January 2014, followed by a consultation period to allow people to view the content and provide feedback
  • offering training sessions for regulatory affairs or similar people, covering the various topics of the regulatory content in detail
  • publishing support materials like fact sheets and frequently asked questions on the APVMA website for additional information about the changes.

The APVMA is currently seeking registrations for interest in attending information session from all interested parties. Registering takes only a few minutes.

APVMA legal expenditure details published

As a statutory agency under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 the APVMA is required to report and publish details of its annual legal services expenditure before 30 October. These details have now been published for 2012–13.

Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) tables for October 2013

The Maximum Residue Limits Standard tables for agricultural and veterinary chemicals in food and animal feedstuff have been updated with affect from 2 October 2013.

Record of approved active constituents

The record for approved active constituents for chemical products is updated monthly, updates are also recorded in APVMA Gazette.

Below is the list of Approved Active Constituents as at 13 September 2013.

Reminder—open for public consultation


Advice Summaries published since last issue are listed below. For a complete list and further information, please refer to the Advice Summaries content on our website.

  • Coopers Ovilis Campyvax Vaccine—Campylobacter Vaccine for Sheep
  • Vidalta 15 MG Tablets for Cats
  • Vidalta 10 MG Tablets for Cats
  • Richgro Lawn Beetle & Grub Killa
  • Richgro Bug Killa Granular Garden Insecticide
  • Termidor Residual Termiticide and Insecticide
  • Yates Tomato & Vegetable Dust Dual Action Insecticide And Fungicide
  • Nufarm Cottonquik Cotton Harvest Aid
  • Valor 500 WG Herbicide
  • Concentrate Tough Roundup Weedkiller
  • Transform Insecticide
  • Sulfoxaflor
  • Osmose Micronised Tebuconazole Timber Preservative
  • Affirm Insecticide
  • FMC Sulfosulfuron 750 WG Herbicide
  • Zolvix Monepantel Broad Spectrum Oral Anthelmintic for Sheep
  • Macphersons Sultex 750 WG Selective Herbicide
  • Fosetyl-Aluminium 80WP Turf Systemic Fungicide
  • Maxxthor Turbo Targeted Insecticide
  • Surefire Flystar Bait
  • Velox Plus Antifouling
  • Slentrol
  • Endgame Insecticide
  • Rose-Hip Vital Equine
  • Garrison Rapid Pruning Wound Dressing Fungicide
  • Artillery Herbicide
  • Cruiser Opti Insecticide Seed Treatment
  • Barnstorm Herbicide

Application Summaries are updated weekly. For a complete list, please refer to the Application Summaries content on our website.

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