Regulatory update #158

27 September 2012

Better regulation reforms—Government releases revised legislation for consultation

A revised draft of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 and supporting explanatory material has been released by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. The exposure draft, dated September 2012, would amend the current legislation and is proposed as part of the Government’s Better Regulation reform package to increase efficiency and effectiveness of agvet chemical regulation.

The proposed legislative reforms will change the way the APVMA operates, introducing new regulatory functions and impacting the way we assess and approve chemical registrations, undertake reconsiderations (chemical review) and apply post market controls.

The Department’s consultation on the revised draft Bill closes 22 October 2012. 

We encourage the agvet chemical industry and the wider community to engage in this consultative reform process to ensure that Australia has a robust and responsive regulatory framework.

Diuron review to be finalised

The APVMA has published the 2012 Diuron Review Finding and Environmental Risk Assessment Report as a step toward finalising its review of the herbicide diuron.
This new report has concluded that some uses of diuron continue to present risks, specifically adverse effects in aquatic environments.

The report proposes the removal of a number of uses such as apples, pears, citrus, grass seed crops and pastures uses as well as uses in non-agricultural situations such as roadsides, rights of way and industrial areas. Changes to use of diuron in sugarcane, bananas and other cropping situations are also proposed.

The APVMA has asked diuron registrants to ‘show cause’ why we should not proceed with removing these uses from product labels. After considering any comments registrants may provide, we will determine appropriate regulatory action as a matter of priority.

Dimethoate suspensions continued to October 2013

In October 2011 the APVMA suspended the use of dimethoate on a number of food crops due to potential dietary risks. The suspension period has now been extended to 5 October 2013. Associated permits will be extended to 5 October 2013. The suspension prohibits:

  • use of dimethoate on certain horticultural crops
  • use on all food producing plants in the home garden
  • supply and possession of dimethoate products unless they carry the new instructions for use.

Your obligations as an ‘approved person’

We are concerned about a misunderstanding regarding the current legal responsibilities and liability of approved persons.

You have legal responsibilities as an approved person under the Code scheduled to the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994 (the Agvet Code). Under section 152 an approved person can also be liable for breaches of the legislation.

Approved persons who represent overseas approval holders and registrants may wish to seek independent legal advice to make sure their business arrangements contemplate the liability currently imposed by s. 152 of the Agvet Code.

Now available—updated list of APVMA authorised auditors

An updated list of APVMA authorised Good Manufacturing Practice auditors is now available.

Reminder—open for public consultation

The APVMA is currently seeking comment on:


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