Regulatory update #157

13 September 2012

Proposed suspension of some fenthion uses

The APVMA is proposing to suspend a number of uses of fenthion, a chemical used to control fruit fly and other insects, following release of a new report Fenthion—Residues and dietary risk assessment report on Tuesday, 11 September 2012, showing there is potential for short-term dietary exposure of young children to be at levels above the relevant public health standard.

The report recommends removal of a number of uses such as pre-harvest uses of fenthion on apples, pears, citrus, loquats, quince, stonefruit, pepinos, eggplant and tomatoes and post-harvest uses on fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes. Uses on all food crops in the home garden may also be suspended.

Information is requested that may assist in developing suspension instructions. Relevant information should be provided to the APVMA by 25 September 2012.

Further information:

  • View the list of proposed suspensions and allowed uses
  • Fenthion review
  • Frequently asked questions about the fenthion review and proposed suspensions.

Minor changes to APVMA structure

Avid readers of the APVMA website may have noticed we amended our organisational structure from 3 September 2012.

Our updated structure reflects a move in emphasis for our reform effort as we move from advising government on the implications of policy and legislative reforms into a more focused implementation role. As a result of these changes, the former General Manager, Better Regulation Taskforce, Neville Matthew, returns to Program Manager, Regulatory Strategy and Compliance; the acting manager in this role, Dr Simon Cubit, returns as Director, Public Affairs for the APVMA.

APVMA's response to Noosa Taskforce report

We’ve updated our progress on responding to the recommendations of the Queensland Government’s Noosa Fish Health Investigation Taskforce (2011) and published this information on the APVMA website. Included in these updates is an additional scientific report which provides an independent assessment of adverse experience reports of fish mortalities and deformities. This report was prepared for the APVMA by Panaquatic (external site), a company with expertise in the health and wellbeing of aquatic animals.

Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) tables for September 2012

The Maximum Residue Limits Standard tables for agricultural and veterinary chemicals in food and animal feedstuff have been updated for September 2012.

Reminder—open for public consultation

The APVMA is currently seeking comment on:

  • Proposed registration of new active constituent penthiopyrad – 25 September 2012
  • Proposed registration of dexmedetomidine hydrochloride in the product Dexdomitor Injectable Sedative and Analgesic for Dogs and Cats – 25 September 2012
  • Proposed registration of the new active penthiopyrad in the product DuPont™ Fontelis Fungicide – 28 September 2012
  • Proposal to Amend Standard 1.4.2 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – 9 October 2012
  • It's important we get it right: developing our Risk Compendium – until further notice


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Application Summaries are updated weekly. For a complete list, please refer to the Application Summaries content on our website.

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