Regulatory update #149

11 May 2012

Building blocks for the future—APVMA's Risk Compendium

It's important that we are clear about what you can expect from the APVMA when it comes to dealing with us as a regulator both now and into the future. One measure proposed under the Better Regulation reforms is the publication of the comprehensive risk framework—known as the Risk Compendium. The compendium describes the policies and processes used by the APVMA to assess and manage risk across our regulatory activities. Your feedback on those documents already released in the compendium can be provided to the APVMA at any time during the reform process.

We're working to improve label access in PUBCRIS

We are working with industry organisation, Growcom, to improve the availability of electronic labels directly from our chemical registration database, PUBCRIS. Under the new arrangements Growcom will contact registrants to source an electronic copy of the manufacturer's printed label where possible. Where registrants provide Growcom with an electronic copy of their labels, the files will be linked to the product registration details in PUBCRIS allowing seamless access over the web. We encourage registrants to provide electronic copies of labels to Growcom when requested.

Thanks for supporting our Twitter channel

Since the last Regulatory Update when we pondered who would sign up to become APVMA's 100th follower, we have increased our total number of followers to 109. Thank you to everyone who's supporting us on Twitter as we work to build our networks and encourage a broader community understanding of the work we do. We encourage feedback on how we can continue to build and better use this channel—and we are quite shameless in asking for your help in making others aware of our account and getting them to join up as well!

Chlorantraniliprole trade advice notice re-issued

On 10 May 2012, we issued an amended Trade Advice Notice relating to an application to vary the use of the existing registered product Du Pont Coragen Insecticide, containing the existing active constituent chlorantraniliprole (APVMA Product number P61519). This Trade Advice Notice was reissued to correct an editorial error for a proposed maximum residue level (MRL) in FM 0183 milk fats from 0.03 to 0.1 mg/kg (page 7). This editorial error does not affect the risk profile discussed in the TAN. We apologise for this error and invite affected parties to contact us if they are concerned about this amendment or the consultation period.

Reminder—open for public consultation

The APVMA is currently seeking comment on:


Advice Summaries published since last issue are listed below. For a complete list and further information, please refer to the Advice Summaries content on our website.

  • Termcoat Sealant Termite Surface Barrier
  • Lontrel Advanced Herbicide
  • Family Protection Aerogard Tropical 8 8 Hours Protection Insect Repellent Effective In Areas Of Intense Insect Activity
  • Sharpen Wg Herbicide
  • Dupont Marlin Insecticide
  • Natrozol Powder - A Source Of Gamma Oryzanol For Horses
  • NV Natrozol Forte Powder - A Source Of Creatine, Gamma Oryzanol And Chromium For Horses
  • Phantom Insecticide
  • Vivus Max Helicoverpa Biocontrol

Application Summaries are updated weekly. For a complete list, please refer to the Application Summaries content on our website.

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