Chemical class Organochlorine
Chemical Structure Chemical structure of Dicofol
CAS Number 115-32-2
Mode of action UN—Compounds of unknown or uncertain mode of action
Target pests Mites and red spiders
Hosts Cotton, fruit, grapevines, tobacco, vegetables and ornamentals
Formulations Liquid concentrates, emulsifiable concentrates and wettable powders
Home garden use Yes
No of Australian Approvals and Registrations 3 active constituents, 4 products
Poison schedule Schedule 5. Note: Some products are co-formulated and Schedule 6.
Australian Health-based guidance values

ADI: 0.001 mg/kg bw per day (1990)

No Australian ARfD established

Key issues

  • Very long REIs are required which may make it unsuitable for home garden uses.
  • Preliminary estimate with respect to use on vegetables indicates that chronic dietary intake of residues exceeds the ADI.
  • No Australian ARfD has been established. Estimates using overseas ARfDs raises concerns about acute dietary exposure for a number of commodities.

Stakeholder perspective

  • Not a cost-effective chemical for controlling mites in cotton. Further, a variety of alternatives are available
  • Not an effective miticide in turf
  • This is a highly important chemical for pest management across a number of vegetable crops; alternatives are available for some uses, but not all.

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