Formal warnings and infringement notices issued

9 December 2015

The APVMA has recently engaged in a number of compliance and enforcement activities with three formal warnings being issued—exercising the new compliance powers introduced in July 2014.

In each of these separate matters, the APVMA engaged with the companies concerned and formed a reasonable suspicion that there may have been breaches of the Agvet Code.

Issued under section 145J of the Agvet Code, these formal warnings send a clear signal to the entities involved that continued or repeated non-compliance will be dealt with by our range of stronger enforcement options—such as enforceable directions, infringement notices (including fines) and criminal prosecution.

We have also recently completed an investigation which began in 2014 and a holder has been issued with two infringement notices.

We issued the first infringement notice under section 83 of the Agvet Code—for supply of a registered product with altered constituents and the second notice was issued under section 161 of the Agvet Code—for failure to notify the APVMA of relevant information.

This action highlights that, in appropriate circumstances, APVMA inspectors will issue infringement notices to persons or companies that do not comply with the Agvet Code.

The value of the infringement notices amounted to $27,000.

See more information about APVMA Compliance and Enforcement.

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