Regulatory update #220

10 December 2015

Chemicals nominated for priority review

The APVMA has completed reprioritisation of its list of agricultural and veterinary chemicals nominated for review. This process ensures that we are continuing to target the highest risk chemicals, based on up-to-date information.

Following consultation, five chemicals have been prioritised for detailed scoping, commencing 2016. The remainder will be re-evaluated by December 2016.

Further details are available on the APVMA website.

Veterinary actives: gazetting separate approval numbers

As previously advised we are currently undertaking an administrative exercise to assign all vet actives a separate approval number. As we assign new numbers we will be gazetting these and updating the APVMA chemicals database to reflect this. This process does not affect the status of these actives or products containing them. 

View more information on changes to veterinary products and actives.

Compliance and monitoring activity

New compliance powers exercised for formal warnings

The APVMA recently issued three formal warnings, exercising new compliance powers introduced in July 2014 and sending a clear signal to the entities involved that any continued (or repeated) non-compliance may be dealt with by our range of stronger enforcement options. 

Investigation completed—infringement notices issued

We recently completed an investigation that commenced in 2014 into a holder who had allegedly altered the active constituents in a registered product.

The holder was subsequently issued two infringements notices, resulting in substantial fines.

See more information about APVMA Compliance and Enforcement.

Public consultation: Request for comments and suggestions—efficacy criteria

We are looking to expand the range of products suitable for satisfying efficacy criteria, based on their product type alone.

Comment is invited on the current legislative instrument, as well as suggestions for including further types of agricultural and veterinary chemical products. More information

Data guidelines

The following data guideline has been released by the APVMA:

Help and assistance

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Reminder—open for public consultation

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