Reports of spray drift damage to cotton

11 January 2016

The APVMA has received reports of herbicide damage to cotton crops this season across most cotton growing regions, as well as isolated reports of damage to vineyards, possibly due to applying herbicides when surface temperature inversion conditions are present.

The APVMA is not taking specific regulatory action at this time. However, given the adverse experiences being reported, we are reminding people to read product labels carefully and apply chemicals according to the prevailing conditions.

Product labels prohibit application when surface temperature inversion conditions are present due to the potential for very fine droplets to drift far beyond neighbouring paddocks.

The nature of this type of spray drift means users may not be aware that they are contributing to damage in their local communities.

State and territory governments are responsible for addressing incidents of spray drift and sharing these findings with the APVMA for assessment and regulatory action, if required.

If you experience a spray drift incident please report it to your state regulator—the list of contacts can be found on the APVMA website:

For further information refer to:

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