Regulatory update #228

24 March 2016

Omethoate residues report

The omethoate residues and dietary risk assessment report for the reconsideration of omethoate is now available. 

The report covers the residues and dietary risk arising from the treatment of food crops with omethoate. The assessment considered the available data and recommends that the APVMA cannot be satisfied that any of the current uses of omethoate on food crops can be supported.

There are no comments or responses required at this stage. The proposed regulatory decision for the review of omethoate will be published later this year. It will outline the APVMA’s proposed regulatory decisions for the review and invite public comment.

New account management model

Responding to feedback from applicants, the APVMA has introduced a new account management model aimed at giving applicants certainty around contact points and providing efficiencies in response times and consistency in service levels.

Each company will now have a dedicated case manager for all of their current and future applications.

As the single point of contact, the case manager will have increased oversight of all applications for a given company and can provide a status update on one, or many, of their applications in a shorter timeframe.

Correspondence relating to any current applications should continue to be sent to

All other general enquiries not relating to a current application should be sent to

Register now—Melbourne Industry Information and Education Session

Registrations are open for the next APVMA Industry Information and Education Session in Melbourne on 9 May 2016.

The session will cover key areas of the APVMA’s current priorities, and will feature new information not covered in last year’s sessions.

For registrations and more information please visit our Events page.

Pop-up survey

As part of the useability review of our website and online services, a pop-up survey has been added to our site, requesting your feedback on these products.

The survey should only take a few minutes to complete and is available to every user of the site. All feedback is anonymous and will be reported as an aggregate only.

The useability review forms part of a larger project, 'Enhancing the applicant experience', and will include in-depth user testing of website and online services content and functionality.

We appreciate you taking time to provide feedback on your current experience of these products, which we will use to build better products and services for our users.

The survey can also be accessed here.

To protect your privacy, please do not include contact information in your feedback. If you would like a response, please contact us.