Standards and monographs for low risk products

In order to streamline registration the APVMA will increase the use of standards to define conditions that satisfy relevant statutory criteria for particular groups of low risk products. This means if a product meets these standards the fast-track-assessment process could be used to register the product.

To ensure this works effectively we will work closely with industry to identify and prioritise the development of standards as well as provide industry with guidance materials.

Currently, the APVMA is developing a standard for dairy sanitisers alongside a guidance document for industry on how to develop standards for low-risk products. Other products this approach may be suitable for include, anti-fouling paints, pool chemicals and certain home garden and household products.

As part of the work on standards, monographs for low-risk ingredients or classes of ingredients will be considered.

Expected milestones Date
Dairy sanitiser standard drafted July 2016
Guidance document for industry about standards development completed September 2016
Work with industry to develop other standards Ongoing


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