Regulatory update #234

23 June 2016

Label monitoring—sheep ectoparasiticides 

Recent examination of labels for products containing diuron, carbendazim, dichlorvos, carbaryl, dimethoate or haloxyfop as well as certain permethrin products have resulted in corrective action taken on some labels.

The APVMA will shortly commence a label audit of certain sheep ectoparasiticide products that were the subject of a recent APVMA review. Companies marketing these products will be contacted for copies of current labels. Holders of these products should check that the labels comply with current APVMA requirements. 

CCI Federal Court decision

Following the decision handed down by the Federal Court on 10 June 2016, the APVMA is considering its prospects for an appeal within the 21 days allowed by the Federal Court rules.

The broader administrative implications for how applications nominating reference products are assessed into the future are also being considered by the APVMA, including what, if any, changes may be needed to how the APVMA handles confidential commercial information. Any proposed changes to the APVMA’s processes will be discussed with industry.

Dimethoate residues report published

The revised dimethoate residues and dietary risk assessment report is now available from the APVMA website.

The report has been updated to include information and residues data submitted to the reconsideration of dimethoate since August 2011.

Feedback relevant to the report can be sent to Chemical Review. All feedback received will be considered and may also be used to refine the assessments and recommendations prior to finalising the reconsideration of dimethoate.

The reconsideration of dimethoate is due for completion before 1 March 2017.

Application cloning

From 20 June 2016, cloning functionality for multiple applications will be available through APVMA online services.

This functionality will allow the applicants to clone any of their previously submitted applications when submitting a new application through the decision tree. Application cloning allows previously submitted applications to be cloned in full, or selected sections may be chosen for cloning as needed.

Quarterly performance statistics released

The APVMA's quarter three performance statistics on our performance of regulatory decisions are now available.

This quarter, the APVMA commissioned Oakton, our external auditors, to analyse timeframe performance before and after the implementation of new legislation on 1 July 2014 and the resulting changes to 'clock' definitions. The objective was to determine how long the APVMA actually took in making a decision and whether this had changed over the past five years.

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