Quarterly report: July–September 2016


Timeframe performance is improving

Timeframe performance for pesticides and veterinary products is at 83 per cent overall—significantly higher than the 2015–16 average of 66 per cent—which reflects a significant improvement in timeframe performance for pesticide products.

Timeframe performance: products

 Timeframe performance—products

Work-in-progress is up this quarter, largely due to a higher than expected number of pesticide applications received in the September quarter. Of the total number of applications in progress at the end of September, 79 per cent are within legislative timeframes.



The average duration for applications continues to be variable across item types but overall has remained steady as we continue to build on our systems and process improvements. 

Average duration (months) to finalise an application

 Average duration (months) to finalise an application

Part 1: Overview of performance statistics

Part 2: Application regulatory decisions, including product applications, active applications and permit applications, broken down by industry sector and assessment type

Part 3: Other regulatory decisions, including import to consent applications, internal reviews, chemical review and compliance and enforcement activities.



The APVMA prepares statistical reports of its performance in undertaking its regulatory obligations.

The APVMA presents statistics on a range of areas, including:

  • chemical product registration
  • active ingredient approvals
  • permits issued
  • veterinary manufacturer licensing and auditing
  • preliminary assessment and pre-application assistance.

The report includes:

  • the number of applications commenced and finalised
  • the proportion of applications finalised within legislative timeframes
  • work-in-progress at the end of the time period.


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