The importance of the AERP

It is essential that risk management systems (such as the regulatory system we operate) have strong feedback loops to ensure that the decisions being made are appropriate and effective. Our pre-marketing evaluation processes are consistent with world’s best practice. In addition, as part of our AERP, we collect information on how products perform in the field after registration to ensure that they continue to be safe and effective. The AERP therefore completes the regulatory feedback loop to ensure that the registration decisions we make are appropriate. It also assists in promoting and maintaining public confidence in the APVMA and the National Registration Scheme for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals.

Section 161 of the Agvet Code requires registration holders to provide us with any new, relevant information they become aware of. New, relevant information on products can include adverse experience information relating to:

  • human health issues
  • harm to animals
  • damage to plants, things or the environment
  • lack of efficacy when used according to label directions.

To protect your privacy, please do not include contact information in your feedback. If you would like a response, please contact us.