Regulatory Update #259

12 October 2017

Agricultural chemical products receive perfect compliance results

During September we ran 896 tests on 16 agricultural chemical products to screen for potential contaminants, with results coming back 100 per cent compliant.

These results give confidence to Australian farmers and the general public that manufacturers are making products that comply with the registered formulation.

Tests are ongoing as part of our comprehensive compliance and monitoring program to ensure good manufacturing practice for crop protection products.

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New guide for assessing chemical risk to insect pollinators in Australia

We've published a short guide outlining a tiered approach to risk assessments for bees and other insect pollinators, the Roadmap for insect pollinator risk assessment in Australia.

The roadmap provides guidance for assessing the risks that a chemical may pose to insect pollinators as well as some additional warning and protection statements for inclusion on labels.

This guidance is for new applications only and no changes are required to existing labels.

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Safety handbook for agricultural and veterinary chemicals updated

The Handbook of First Aid Instructions, Safety Directions, Warning Statements and General Safety Precautions for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (FAISD Handbook) has been updated.

You can view full details of amendments made to the FAISD Handbook from September 2017 on the website.

New changes to the Labelling Code

The Labelling Code has been amended to refer to the recently published Roadmap for insect pollinator risk assessments in Australia, noting that appropriate protection statements for pollinators have been included in that guidance. These amendments apply to new applications only and no changes are required to existing labels.

The Labelling Code has also been amended to clarify where Withholding Periods (WHP) should appear on labels. No changes are required to existing labels, this is for clarification only.

The amendments clarify that WHP statements for livestock or domestic animals—such as do not graze treated lawn or turf—belong in the Withholding Period section of the label, rather than the Protection Statements section of labels, unless there is a direct risk to animal health.

Please see the Withholding Period statements and Protection statements sections of the labelling code for the updated statement recommendations.

Reminder—open for public consultation

We regularly seek input throughout chemical registration and review processes, and other operational and regulatory processes. We are currently seeking input on the following open consultations:

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