APVMA performance improves

19 October 2017

New agricultural chemicals and veterinary medicines will hit the shelves following a record number of applications finalised by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) in the September quarter of 2017.

APVMA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Chris Parker said the agency had finalised 1058 applications in the September quarter of 2017, almost double the usual number of applications finalised in previous quarters for actives, products and permits.

“We’ve experienced a particularly productive quarter and it’s promising to see applications moving through assessment and products making their way to market,” Dr Parker said.

 “Timeframe performance held steady on the previous quarter at 58 per cent, which means more than 500 applications were finalised on time.

“Our work in progress is also tracking well with 74 per cent of applications currently in assessment still within timeframe.

 “These results are a step in the right direction and it’s important that we continue to build more resilience and predictability into our operations.

“The chemical industry relies on us to make efficient and effective decisions which is why I have commissioned an independent review to report to me and identify the underlying causes of delays in our assessment and registration process.”

Findings from the review will be delivered in December.

The APVMA Performance Statistics for the September quarter of 2017 are available from the APVMA website at www.apvma.gov.au/node/27686.

Fast Facts

  • The APVMA finalised the assessment of 2453 applications in 2016–17 and 2545 in 2015–16.
  • Finalising 1058 applications in the September quarter alone, represents almost half of the agency’s annual operational output.
  • In the 2017 September quarter the APVMA:
    • received 622 new applications for products, actives and permits
    • commenced the assessment of 704 products, actives and permit applications
    • finalised 1058 applications for products, actives and permits.
  • 74 per cent of the work in progress for the 2017 September quarter is tracking within timeframe, up 5 percent on the previous quarter where only 69 per cent of work in progress was tracking within timeframe.
  • Timeframe performance for pesticide product applications increased by 12 per cent on the previous June quarter with 36 per cent of application now completed on time.

​Further information: Roanna Dawson | Director, Public Affairs | 0467 726 486 | media@apvma.gov.au

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