Natural horse products

Selling natural horse products – know your responsibilities

The APVMA is aware of a growing number of veterinary chemical products for use on horses that claim to be ‘natural’, ‘organic’, chemical-free’ that are not registered with the APVMA.

Risks associated with the supply and use of unregistered veterinary chemical products include risks to businesses supplying the products and risks to the treated animal’s health.

All products that fit the legal definition of a veterinary chemical product must be registered or otherwise authorised by the APVMA.

The number of complementary medicines and natural products available for horses in Australia is growing in line with the increasing size of the horse industry, which is estimated to contribute more than $8 billion per year to the economy1.

To help protect the estimated 1 million horses in Australia2, producers, suppliers and users of natural horse products need to be aware of their responsibilities and what can legally be used in Australia.

Suppliers of unregistered veterinary chemical products can face financial penalties as well as liability and potential reputational damage. The use of unregistered products on animals may have unintended effects and may negatively impact the animal.

Business owners have a responsibility and a duty of care to customers and animals to ensure that veterinary chemical products they promote and supply, including those with natural and/or ‘man-made’ substances are registered with the APVMA. If you are a supplier of veterinary chemical products and are unsure if a product is registered, contact the APVMA.

To have confidence that the products you are supplying are safe and effective when used, ensure they have been registered by the APVMA.

Communication resources – for buyers and sellers of natural horse products


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