Adjustments to the future business operating model

2 July 2018

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), Dr Chris Parker, has decided a unit of specialist scientists and decision makers will work from the office in Canberra, to support the authority to fulfil its statutory obligations under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code.

“Our existing plans for teleworking, an enhanced reliance on external scientific assessors and recruitment into Armidale have not reduced our relocation risks to an acceptable level and more must be done,” Dr Parker said.

“Retaining the knowledge and expertise of our scientists is essential to the effective operations of the APVMA and accommodating these specialist staff in a Canberra office further supports the APVMA to deliver its statutory obligations.

“I have advised the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, the Hon. David Littleproud MP, that in addition to core regulatory operations to Armidale, we will retain a unit of 30 to 40 specialist scientists and decision makers in Canberra.”

Inherent flexibility in the Armidale business model allows the authority to scale up or reduce reliance on teleworking, external providers and shared services.

Exercising this flexibility will support the APVMA fulfil the Government Policy Order by relocating operations to Armidale, while maintaining the current and future regulatory performance of the authority.

The APVMA continues to work towards the delivery of 2000 square metres of A grade leased office accommodation in Armidale by mid-2019 which will house approximately 150 APVMA staff.

“This decision does not compromise our commitment to establish a regulatory centre in Armidale,” Dr Parker said.

“The APVMA is already operating from Armidale. We have 21 staff working from the interim office on Beardy Street and we recently signed an additional lease for a second interim office to house a further 32 staff.

“Longer term, our workforce will operate from the permanent leased accommodation constructed at 102 Taylor St. They will be supported by specialist scientists and decision makers working from the Canberra office.

“Maintaining the APVMA’s quality regulatory services for the benefit of Australia’s agricultural industries, our trade and the environment is vital, and we will not lose sight of this through the relocation to Armidale.”

Information outlining the refinements made to the Armidale business operating model is available online at

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