Trade Advice Notice on Fluensulfone in the Product Nimitz 480 EC Nematicide for use on sugarcane and vegetables (rotational crops)

The APVMA has before it an application from ADAMA Australia Pty Limited, to vary the registration of Nimitz 480 EC Nematicide, containing fluensulfone, to add uses on processing tomatoes, root vegetables and sugarcane. ADAMA also wish to change the residue definition, extend the state claims (from Queensland only to all states) and reduce plant-back intervals. 

The APVMA invites any person to submit a relevant written submission as to whether the application to vary the registration of Nimitz 480 EC Nematicide should be granted. Submissions should relate only to matters that the APVMA is required by legislation to take into account in deciding whether to grant the application. These grounds relate to the trade implications of the extended use of the product. Submissions should state the grounds on which they are based. Comments received outside these grounds cannot be considered by the APVMA.

Submissions must be received by the APVMA by close of business on 10 August 2018.

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