Supply and Sale of Hormonal Growth Promotants

It is illegal for a person (either as an individual or a company) to sell or supply hormonal growth promotants (HGPs) unless they have a valid notification number issued by the APVMA. To remain valid, the notification number must be renewed annually through payment of relevant fees.

Also, it is illegal for a person to sell or supply HGPs unless:

Application to supply HGPs

To apply for a HGP approval number to supply HGPs in Australia, please contact:

Hormonal growth promotants (HGPs)

Phone: +61 2 6770 2302

Recording the sale and supply of HGPs

At the time of sale or supply, the supplier must complete a record of particulars prescribed by the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Regulations 1995.

Registered retailers will be provided with an electronic form to record HGP product movements by the APVMA’s HGP coordinator.

The supplier must provide the APVMA with a copy of the records of the supply of HGPs within two weeks of the end of each calendar month. Even nil returns (that is, where there have been no sales or acquisitions of HGP products for the month) must be reported. Where this is the case and there is a balance of product carried over to the next month, an email simply providing details of the balance is sufficient. Failure to report HGP movements and nil returns may result in withdrawal of your notification number.

Records should be submitted electronically via email to:

All records regarding the purchase and supply of HGPs are to be kept for at least two years after the date on which the last transaction was made, even if the supplier has ceased to supply or purchase HGPs (or both) and has had the notification number withdrawn.

The system is also subject to audit by European Union auditors at any time. Should the auditors find deficiencies in the procedures or record keeping, Australia's trade in beef and beef products with the European Union could be jeopardised. Adhering to the requirements of the National HGP Monitoring Control System and, in particular, accounting for every dose of HGPs through accurate records will ensure that Australia's good trading reputation with the European Union is maintained.

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