Regulatory performance framework — APVMA client survey

This consultation closed on 18 January 2019

Consultation period

19 December 2018 to 18 January 2019

The APVMA invites our clients and stakeholders to provide feedback regarding the extent to which we are meeting the six performance indicators within the Australian Government Regulator Performance Framework (RPF).

The APVMA RPF 2017-18 self-assessment report is available for your review prior to completing the survey.

The survey will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete, and this is your opportunity to suggest how we may improve our regulatory performance in the future.

The RPF was developed to ‘encourage regulators to undertake their functions with the minimum impact necessary to achieve regulatory objectives and to effect positive ongoing and lasting cultural change within regulators’.

The APVMA Regulator Performance Framework (the framework) set out how the APVMA intends to measure and report its performance against the government framework in 2017–18. The APVMA Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment contains the performance measures against each key indicator as well as the evidence collected to demonstrate performance.

The final APVMA RPF 2017–18 self-assessment report has now been published.

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Your feedback will be submitted to the APVMA anonymously. If you require a response, please contact us.