Trade Advice Notice on imazamox and imazapyr for use on faba beans

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority has before it an application from Landmark Operations Limited for a minor use permit for the use of imazamox and imazapyr on imidazolinine tolerant faba beans to control annual broadleaf and grass weeds. The permit is proposed for all states for a period of five years. Plantings of imidazolinine tolerant faba beans are not anticipated to exceed 10,000 ha.

PER14726 (expiry 30 September 2019) allows for the use of imazamox on faba beans at 31.5 g ai/ha at the 3–6 node crop growth stage with a harvest WHP of ‘Not Required when used as directed’ and a grazing WHP of six weeks.

The use of imazapyr has not previously been assessed for use on faba beans or other pulses.

The livestock dietary burden of imazamox and imazapyr are not expected to increase as a result of the proposed use. No further consideration to the trade risk for animal commodities is required.

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