Decommissioning of SecureMail

11 July 2019

SecureMail has served the APVMA over a number of years and was implemented to provide a secure method of transfer of Confidential Commercial Information (CCI) from and to our industry clients.

The system was introduced as a risk management initiative to reduce the possible interception of electronic messages containing CCI (such as email). This product has now reached end of life.

Since the introduction of SecureMail, email and operating system vendors have continued to enhance the security of their products to the point that an email sent and received at your desktop is being managed by security controls that exceed those provided by the SecureMail product.

Our Microsoft Outlook email system is accredited for the secure transfer of CCI. It means there is no further requirement for the APVMA or our clients to continue with the use of a specialist product for the transfer of CCI.

In instances where an email containing CCI exceeds the size limits for inbound or outbound email, both the Objective Connect and SIGBOX facilities remain available.

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