Spray drift policy update

25 July 2019

The APVMA has released stage one of an update to our 2008 spray drift policy, Operating Principles in Relation to Spray Drift Risk, following consultation with industry and stakeholders.

The updates to the policy are designed to be more flexible and easily adapted to new technologies. The new approach provides a set of tools for calculating spray drift and setting of buffers.

The key changes of the new policy includes:

  • clearer guidelines on how regulatory acceptable levels and buffer distances are calculated in spray drift risk assessment manuals
  • clearer and more consistent labelling instructions
  • new buffer guidelines for bystander areas, pollinators, natural aquatic areas, vegetation areas and livestock areas
  • use of the AgDISP model to determine standard downwind deposition curves for boom sprayers and aircraft
  • use of European drift data for downwind deposition curves for vertical sprayers
  • the development of a set of tools to generate buffer and label instructions.

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