2,4-D label instructions to reduce spray drift

1 October 2019

The APVMA maintains the instructions for use for 2,4-D products in order to mitigate risks associated with spray drift.

These instructions affect labels for about 220 products; these labels have been suspended and the product bearing labels listed in the permit must be used in accordance with those instructions. The new suspension will occur for 12 months starting on 1 October 2019.

Users of 2,4-D must comply with the permit instructions, even if they are using products with the old labels. Supply at the point of retail sale must occur with the instructions detailed in PER87174 provided with each container supplied. In some cases, products labels are already compliant with PER87174; a list of those products can be found on our website. These instructions ensure the products can continue to be used safely.

Together, the permits PER87174 and PER87451 allow persons to possess, have custody of, supply, and/or use 2,4-D products currently on farm and in retail outlets.

The APVMA has been working closely with grower groups, state and territory authorities, and other stakeholders to develop new label instructions to reduce the likelihood of damage due to spray drift. This has been incorporated into the recently finalised spray drift management policy.

Some labels are already compliant with the instructions, and those labels are not included in the suspension. The permit instructions for use include:

  • a requirement not to spray in inversion conditions and additional information on recognising inversion conditions
  • downwind mandatory no spray zones for both aquatic and terrestrial off target vegetation (including sensitive crops, gardens, landscaping vegetation, protected native vegetation or protected animal habitat)
  • a requirement to use nozzles producing droplets no smaller than the Very Coarse spray quality category
  • mandatory record keeping requirements, and
  • advisory statements about spray application over summer.

The requirements do not change or restrict other aspects of the currently approved use patterns and should not affect availability of the product. No action from registrants is required as a consequence of the suspension.

Products containing 2,4-D continue to be under review (reconsideration) by the APVMA. The proposed regulatory decision will be published in October, and a three-month public consultation will follow.

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