Updated agricultural product chemistry stability data guideline

5 March 2020

An updated version of the agricultural product chemistry stability data guideline has been published.

This follows public consultation undertaken in 2019.

Significant changes include:

  • adding specification parameters for formulation types that were previously not included in the guideline, for example, soluble granules (SG), and liquids applied undiluted/ready to use liquids (AL)
  • more detailed information on changes to packaging materials and pack sizes
  • more detail on the conduct of real time and accelerated trials, some of which has been transferred from the ‘Registration of Agricultural Products’ chemistry guideline.

Some suggestions made during the consultation process have not been adopted.

These include increasing the temperature for accelerated trials for products for use in Australia, and our decision not to change our requirements is in accordance with international guidance in this area stipulated by the OECD, FAO.

It is noted that Australia has similar climatic conditions in its agricultural regions to many other regions for which the standard accelerated trial protocols are accepted, for example the Mediterranean and the southern United States.

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