New spray drift guidance documents

Following consultation with industry stakeholders, we have published 2 new spray drift guidance documents to assist registrants with applications to update spray drift instructions, apply for a new spray drift risk assessment, or apply for consideration of new drift reduction technology (DRT).

The new guidance documents form part of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority’s (APVMA) current spray drift policy which was introduced in July 2019, and provide practical examples to assist registrants in understanding how the APVMA will implement the policy.

Guidelines for updating spray drift instructions on labels when a full spray drift risk assessment has not been undertaken

This guidance document explains how spray drift instructions will be implemented for product applications where a full spray drift assessment has not been undertaken. The guidelines apply to product registration applications (Items 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10) and product variation applications (Items 12, 13 and 14), where a registrant requests updated spray drift restraints as part of an application, or where during assessment of an application the APVMA identifies that the spray drift restraints need to be updated in order to reflect the new spray drift policy.

Guidelines for applications to update spray drift instructions, update the spray drift risk assessment and recognise new drift reduction technology

This guidance document provides assistance to applicants seeking to update spray drift instructions and/or request a new spray drift risk assessment. It provides advice on the assessment modules, fees and timeframes that would apply to such applications. The guidelines also provide advice on how to submit applications for inclusion of new DRT into the spray drift management tool (SDMT).

Questions about the guidance documents, or the APVMA’s spray drift policy, can be directed to

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