Therapeutic pet food products

The following information must appear on all therapeutic pet food product labels:

  • the product name 
  • an indication of product type (food)
  • the directions for use (clear, simple and concise)—include dose rates or use levels, and other information that may affect the efficacy and safety of the product
  • a description (content, use, claim)—include any nutrients that relate to the product claim; express content as ‘% as fed’ (gram/unit of energy)
  • the nutrient composition (related to claim)
  • a ‘use before’ or ‘best before’ date, or expiry date
  • the statement ‘Use under directions of a veterinarian’
  • the APVMA approval number (assigned at time of label approval)
  • storage information (to be stored below 30°C, in a cool dry place)
  • contact information
  • contents (in metric weight).

The following information should appear on the product leaflet:

  • a feeding guide
  • the ingredients.

The statement ‘for animal treatment only’ is not required to appear on the labels of therapeutic pet-food products.

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